Let the Journey Begin

It is now time to do what I have desired and dreaded to do for a long time now: update my poor forsaken blog!

There are a number of reasons for the long absence, but the most significant is that it has become very clear that though I began this blog with a vision to minister to other young wives & mothers by sharing things that have helped me in perspective & practice, in truth I have nothing to offer and everything to learn. Everything.

Additionally, I’ve gone from keeping a home and trying my level best to switch to healthier ways of eating & living, more efficient ways of cleaning & keeping up with house & children, to a situation where there is a lot of blessing, but also a lot of change. I don’t have my “own” kitchen right now, and have really faltered in adapting successfully to this temporary arrangement. (So, simply, I don’t feel like much of a home keeper). Right when I began to though, when the flow of the day included enough to keep me busy enough to not be nauseated by eating the bread of idleness, a most joyous and welcome wrench was thrown into the attempt: morning sickness! 🙂

After an early miscarriage in June, during which pregnancy I never had a hint of symptoms (though for me they usually start within a week after conception), I am overjoyed to be feeling so yucky so often now–a wonderful indicator of a healthy baby. For those of you that are wondering, I’m 9 weeks today. 🙂

Because of my history of post partum hemorrhage, this pregnancy is going to be a true journey, both physically/emotionally & spiritually. There’s a lot of good advice to sift through and figure out what to do with–what would be the most beneficial, and what we just won’t be able to manage. One thing I need a very good dose of is commitment. Those areas of change that I can manage must be done consistently. This is so hard for me, and I don’t really know why. It’s a terrible character flaw, and is often enough even a sin. It’s easy to jump into something that’s “new” and promises good return. But the newness wears off so fast, and difficulty becomes more apparent, and then I give up.

The regimen I have pretty much decided on includes:
–Reading the Word of God every day, even if it’s just a little bit. Starving one’s self of life is never a good thing!
–A qt. of red raspberry leaf tea infusion every day
–A qt. of nettles/oatstraw infusion every day (when I can manage it again, aversions kicked in against those recently)
–A pint of raw milk every day (when we get the cow share)
–An hour of walking and/or exercising at least 5 days a week
–Adding probiotics from either homemade sauerkraut or kombucha into my daily diet (slowly, so as not to endanger the baby from the die off of bad bacteria and toxins released, as they would cross the placenta)
–Eliminate MOSTLY all processed sugar (I say mostly, because I don’t know if I can commit to not having any ice-cream ever) 🙂

There’s more too that I’m considering, but these are the big ones. What would you add? If you’re a healthy person or you’ve had a healthy pregnancy/birth (especially after a previous difficult one) please share any insight you may have–I would be indebted to you.