Welcome to Endeavouring Proverbs 31! My name is Lauren; my husband and I have been married since September 2008, and we have 5 children: Moses, Jeremiah, Bithiah, Abel, and Mercy Joy (6,5,4,2, and 1). The Lord has fulfilled my prayers and hopes in making me not only the wife of a wonderful man, but the mother of these precious children as well.  It’s both harder and sweeter (but so much more on the sweeter!) than I could have ever imagined.  My cup is so full.

Having had health issues in relation to childbirth has made me more zealous in a few areas. One is in seeking to live more naturally. It’s a process, because my beloved still loves his favourite processed foods, and I tend to not resist temptation when it’s in the house, or when he asks me what kind of treat I’d like! 🙂 But, I’m working on it! Food is not the only area of change being made though in trying to convert to a healthy lifestyle, but what’s put into our systems through our skin as well.

Since my 4th baby was born there is too just a truer understanding of the frailty of life. Love for my husband has blossomed so much more since then, and I do so greatly desire that I will not only be a wife, not only be a mother, but to be a blessing to this special family the Lord has made me a part of, for however long I am a part of it.  I can’t hold onto the days that go by no matter how much I want to, all I can do is spend them and spend myself for Him, for my family, with love. Oh, may the Lord grow His love ever more within, and “perfect that which concerneth me” by making me “perfect in love”! for I am still a selfish creature.

This little space was created in hopes of encouraging and exhorting other women in that great and noble calling of homemaking, and receiving the same from them as well.

God’s grace and peace with joy be with you!

P.S. My son took that picture. ❤


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