“This, Too, Shall Pass”

Probably every American mother has heard it. It’s supposed to be an encouragement when the duties and sometimes frenzies of having children (particularly small children) can overwhelm the Lone Mother. Lately though, that thought has been an encouragement in a whole new and different kind of way, really the opposite of how it is traditionally intended. I think of those words sometimes at the end of a hard day, where my conscience smites me at the lack of grace or wisdom in mothering. But it does not come in the form of relief, but of reproof: “This, too, shall pass.”

They’re only little for so long. My baby won’t always cry 3 times in the middle of the night to be nursed, but neither will he always snuggle right up beside me for the comfort and nourishment that nursing brings. My daughter won’t always melt into a puddle of tears over my saying I can’t hold her because I have to make dinner, but on that day it won’t mean as much to her to do so, either, and that special little thing will be changed. My 3 year old won’t always get overly excitable negatively, but neither will he always entertain us with his silly dance when he’s particularly excited positively! I could go on and on. There’s no way to hold onto the wondrous, heart-filling moments that slip by every day right alongside the hard ones. “This, too, shall pass.”

Nothing can stop a child from growing, but what am I growing my children with?

Allow me to say, too, We take far too much for granted. I am chief in this trespass. We have no assurance of our lives. The very word of God tells us not to boast of even tomorrow for that we know not what a day may bring forth. Our life is but a vapour that appeareth for a very little while and then vanisheth away.

Yes, this too shall pass, this vapour. And then what will be left? What memories? What lessons learned? What legacy? You would think that I would have taken this greater to heart, or at least that there would be more evidence that it has been! who have had close enough calls at 3 separate births. The pride of life is so innate in us, and it is a curse.

We must look to the Lord for wisdom every day, many times a day, to fulfill the work He has given us, for as long as He’s given us to do it.

May He find us so doing: find us asking, seeking; find us spilled out for His glory in the lives that we touch; find us abiding in the Vine, bearing fruit for Him; find us thankful for the sweet moments and faithful in the hard; find us working for His infinite honour and eternal Kingdom here on earth; find us joyful and find us broken, knowing that

this, too, shall pass.


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