Our Daily Thankfulness

What an integral role thankfulness plays in making a home. There is no substitute for it, and the lack of it is always evident and so very detrimental. Have you ever noticed that when you’re thankful, it’s impossible to be grumpy? Praise for the Lord is always then natural, love abounds! Grace, wisdom, and love in teaching your children is consistent, and your husband is appreciated greatly. It truly is no wonder that the Scriptures say, Be ye thankful. Sadly, when it is most needful to remember that, it is most difficult to cultivate it.

As a case in point, a couple nights ago I got grumpy. It was such a small thing really, and they often are. My husband hadn’t eaten with the family in a few nights because he either ate a late lunch, worked late, or didn’t have an appetite. On this particular night I had made macaroni and cheese (I know, I know, not the healthiest, but at least it was from scratch!) forgetting that meals “with too much cheesy makes him queasy” (his words) at the very thought of it. So I was just in a general sour mood because of his “pickiness” and my own fail in that area, and had started to take it out on everyone else–snippy responses, little patience. I had just begun to try to really watch myself, knowing this wasn’t right, when my eldest put in a request for a game: the thankfulness game.

We made this game a month or two ago when the children were acting mean toward each other and couldn’t get along, where we took turns saying something we are thankful for about each family member. They loved it. Since then we’ve played it sometimes just because it’s a good practice to bring to mind the many things we have to be thankful for.

Could we play the game? So very glad he asked! I’m ashamed to say that if the thought had entered my mind “be ye thankful” I would probably have brushed it aside and continued steeping in my grump bucket, but how could I say no to my child, whom I taught to do that very thing? So, we played. And it worked!

Thankfulness always works.

It is commanded: “In every thing give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”;
it is expected (for we are worthy of no good thing, and yet we are showered upon with good from a Creator Who is humbling Himself just to behold us, of course we should be thankful!);
and it is a blessing to those who exercise it. It will lift you up.

At the risk of being corny, I am going to use an illustration.  It’s not a perfect one, but a worthy comparison in some ways. Thankfulness is like natural leaven. It needs to be fed every day. Yesterday’s thankfulness will do you no good today. Just a few hours after feeding a starter it will reach its peak of bubbliness and then start to sink. If you use it then in your bread it will lift the entire loaf, but if you wait until tomorrow it will just get more sour. Let it go day after day without feeding it, and it will get more and more sour until it eventually dies as a leaven. Similarly, thankfulness must be maintained, and when it is, it will lift your heart, your home, to God. When it’s not, you just get more sour. Your life gets sour. Your home gets sour. Your marriage gets sour. There may often be some “reason” to be sour, but there is always reason to be thankful.

Thankfulness. May we ever have an abundance of it!

Sourdough starter after a feeding, on the rise! So cute and bubbly!
Sourdough starter after a feeding, on the rise! So cute and bubbly!



5 thoughts on “Our Daily Thankfulness

  1. Great analogy and good reminder. I need to teach my oldest your thankfulness game! Also, would you share your recipe sometime? I have little experience baking bread but it’s something I’d like to be consistent with.

    1. To be honest, that particular loaf is actually just taken from google images. 🙂 *However* I have a recipe for 100% whole grain wheat bread that turns out very light and fluffy, and also a good one for sourdough. Which appeals to you the most?

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