Down to the Nitty Gritty

Knowing this would happen may have prepared me, but it’s still hard. Remember that post, Motherhood is for Quitters? Well, it’s starting already! Frankly, this endeavouring thing just isn’t as exciting as it was when first started, and consequently momentum from excitement has waned. Every worthwhile thing requires work and diligence, though, so now’s the time to resolve.

A bit of change needs to happen in this new month to make the goals outlined in “She doeth him good” a reality. One is to wake up earlier. Another is to regulate my time wisely so that writing about these endeavours doesn’t keep me from endeavouring! Also, to be more organized. But mostly, seeking His grace for it every day, and not trying to accomplish anything by my own might or power, only by His Spirit. It is so innate in me to be proud. Even after going through horrible times of humbling where I can see how wretched I am, when His grace again is given my foolish heart boasts not enough in the Lord and desires vainglory for it, as if it were me! Thus, I am often reminded of my weaknesses, again by His grace. Just want to be done with it, my foolish pride be killed!

As an attempt to organize the week here’s a rough outline:

  • Sunday–Lord’s day!
  • Monday–Wash day; catch up on all laundry and iron clothes
  • Tuesday–Kitchen day; mop floor, wash windows, clean fridge
  • Wednesday–General house cleaning; dusting, sweeping bedrooms, cleaning bathrooms, hubby’s office
  • Thursday–Go with the flow! Nathan’s day off!
  • Friday–Misc; research, DIY type things, laundry again
  • Saturday–Handwork day

Start day by: 7:00
Have breakfast on by 8:30
Have house tidied and laundry started by 10:00
School until 12:00
Lunch, clean-up, reading, then children nap at 1:00
Computer stuff, crochet until 3:00
Goals for the day accomplished by 4:30 (including laundry on laundry day, but started from day’s beginning)
House tidied and dinner done by 6:15
Kitchen cleaned by 7:30
Free time! Children to bed by 8-8:30
To bed by 10-11:00

The idea too is to have the children involved with a lot of what’s going on, when appropriate, and to try and leave enough time for things to be done in to allow for playing and snuggling with the baby and the Bit in between.

So now that there’s this rough draft of goals and any readers are quite thoroughly bored, as it is after 7 now, it is time to “start my day”. 🙂 Probably more baby and Bit snuggles in order for the day though, as they are a little bit sick.

I never do very good with schedules, although they always look so nice on paper! What about you? Are you the organizational type? do you have a good outline that works for you? Always open to hear ideas or critiques. After all, I’m fairly young yet, and have a lot to learn.

The Lord bless you this mid-week day!



One thought on “Down to the Nitty Gritty

  1. We are on the same page right now! Our daily schedule looks so similar. I am still figuring it all out and mostly working on my daily routines right now. I would love to have a firm schedule, but I’m such a perfectionist that I have trouble veering from the plan sometimes!

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