“She doeth him good”

Since we’re Endeavouring Proverbs 31 here, it makes sense to start in the beginning of the passage that so thoroughly outlines the virtues of this classic role model. This is the first thing listed that she does:

She doeth him good…”
It would be easy to write pages of applications to this simple directive, while at the same time it is so clear that no exposition is really necessary. She doeth him good. We all know what good is! It’s just so much easier to say than to do, but she doeth him good.

So this is the month’s goal: (I do realize we are only 2/3 through March, but I hate to put off a good thing till later just because it might be “neater” to do so. Besides, this month’s goal is multifaceted so we (or at least I!) can certainly use the extra 10 days.)

Write a list! All the areas lacking that the husband would be blessed by. All the areas where his wishes have already been made known but for whatever fleshly reasons they haven’t been faithfully executed. My list may differ greatly from yours, because every husband has different expectations and every wife has different areas she excels and delights in fulfilling and others she just doesn’t. It’s the ones she “just doesn’t” that are often neglected.

So here’s my list. I’m being transparent here, folks. You’re going to learn my many failings, and that’s humbling.

  • Make him breakfast every morning
  • Send him to work with lunch and a note of love and appreciation
  • Pray for him throughout the day
  • Homeschool the children as per his wishes
  • Make sure dinner is at least almost ready by the time he gets home
  • Clean more often! Dust the living room, clean the bathrooms, mop the floors, wash the windows, iron the clothes, and clean out the fridge (the fridge??) yes, the fridge, at least once a week
  • Before heading to bed make sure the whole house is clean

When I told Nathan of this month’s plan and how I would be including that last item on my list, he said “Oh, good! You mean the children’s room too?) SO, yes, the whole house means the whole house. 🙂

“She doeth him good, and not evil…”
Again, a very clear instruction. Evil sounds so terrible, of course we shouldn’t do him evil! It’s just awful though to think of the little areas I do just that. It is often easier to add to than to take from, because a habit is easier to make than to break.. One could very well fill out a whole list of things to start doing to bless her husband and succeed at every one, but it takes a special grace of God to stop doing the damaging things.

“…All the days of her life
All the days! The “good” days and the “bad” days. Even the “hormonal” days, she doeth him good. She doeth him good, even before marriage. She keeps herself for him alone. (For you dear women of God that have a “past” before your husband, I’m not saying you can’t be Proverbs 31 women, any more than any wife who has ever said “no” to her husband. It is a blessed, comforting truth that we are washed and made new by the cleansing blood of Christ. In that promise and victory then, let us press on!)

What are some tips you have for blessing your husband? for doing him good? Please share!


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