Homeschooling flutes and banjos

I just love the different personalities of my children. My oldest son loves to preach, color, and roughhouse;  my 2nd son loves to sing (especially extended notes), write, and silly-dance; my daughter loves to jump, snuggle, and listen to any music with a banjo; and the baby loves to “talk”, flail about, be cute, and eat. They’re their own people! with their own set of likes, dislikes, weaknesses and strengths, just like everybody else.

That is definitely coming out as we begin schooling the older boys. For a while I was getting frustrated/concerned that my eldest couldn’t write nearly as well as his younger brother, so afraid he’d be “behind” developmentally. But he’s not. Writing’s just not his strong point, and will require a little more practice and patience. After all, he is only four years old, and he can put together the entire United States puzzle together by himself. 🙂

I’ve only begun this teaching journey recently, but still wish it hadn’t taken me as long as it did to realize that, even as a flute and banjo are both instruments, similarly, though Moses and Jeremiah are both my sons, they differ greatly in the abilities that come naturally to them.

But there’s one thing I think that all children love. Songs! So I’m trying to implement as many as I can into our little schedule.

Here’s what our 1st half hour looks like:
The Lord’s Prayer song
Days of the Week song (Sung to the tune of This is the Day)
Days of Creation song, (then go over with questions/answers)
Recite Ten Commandments, and the 2 greatest commandments
Recite charity passage (I Corinthians 13:4-8a and v.13)
Fruits of the Spirit song
Books of the Bible song
Memory verse for the week

The rest of our subjects don’t really use any songs, though.

I’m still so new to this! Do any of you have good ideas for incorporating songs into school and/or making school fun?


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling flutes and banjos

  1. My “Poppy” learned the books of the OT via song in just one month! I was blown away, but you’re so right: kids love songs! I need to look up some more. So far, we just have daily “Bible time” where we work through our Charlotte Mason inspired memorization box. I’ll have to add to our box a few of the things you’ve mentioned here.

  2. Charlotte Mason’s method comes highly recommended to me, but I have yet to look into it. Wow, your daughter sure learned that *fast*! We’ve been doing this for months off and on and they still don’t have the OT down pat yet. If you see this reply, what song did you use to teach her, and where could I find it?

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